St. Christopher Holdings executive team brings the expertise, experience and commitment to partner and develop companies that demonstrate strong business models and a willingness to thrive. The team manages a well-balanced group of companies with precision and excellence that continues to strengthen the holdings.

Roberto Contreras

President and CEO

A businessman with strong ties in the United States, Mexico and Europe, Roberto Contreras has made a name for himself as a respected entrepreneur.

Douglas Dillard


As CFO and COO, Mr. Dillard oversees St. Christopher’s (and subsidiaries) financial operations; including accounting, treasury, tax, internal audit, and subsidiary finance management.


Acho Azuike

EVP, Real Estate

Mr. Azuike is responsible for overseeing St. Christopher’s real estate operations including development, acquisition, and management.

Roberto Contreras IV

Director, New Markets

Roberto Contreras IV is the Director of New Markets for St Christopher Holdings and its subsidiaries (known in China as Lone Star Consulting). He is committed to the development of businesses to expand influence in China and beyond.